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The NCMA Huntsville Chapter now has a CafePress website! The website is open to the public to purchase souvenirs representing our chapter. The website offers a wide variety of swag from golf balls to t-shirts to coffee mugs, all proudly displaying our NCMA Huntsville Chapter logo. Click here and check out our CafePress website to see all of our awesome gifts and show your support.

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Chapter News

The NCMA HSV Chapter had a large turn-out for a very interesting Lee Rosenburg who spoke on GSA and Small Business.

NCMA Huntsville wins the Graalman Chapter Excellence Award!

April luncheon guest speaker Michael Fischetti, Executive Director of National Contracts Management Association.

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NCMA Huntsville Sponsorship

NCMA Sponsorship Contest Announcement
NCMA Huntsville would like to announce that the winner of our March sponsorship contest winner is Melissa Gaddis! Melissa was instrumental in signing up our newest Bronze Sponsor AVISTA Strategies Inc. She is entitled to one free voucher to any of our upcoming educational events. Congratulations, Melissa!

For more information on various sponsorship opportunities, here is a link to the sponsorship benefit page Supporting Sponsors Take Away. For a link to our Chapter website click here https://www.ncmahsv.org/homepage-3.shtml. Additional information may be found under the sponsor tab.

GSA Reverse Auction (RA) Platform
GSA Reverse Auction Platform
"Does your business sell products or simple services?"
January 2016

The GSA Reverse Auction (RA) platform provides an opportunity to help grow your business through an efficient, effective, and transparent system that federal, state, and local agencies use to procure products and simple services. In fact, in fiscal year 2015, 27 agencies awarded a total of $98.9 million through the GSA RA platform and more growth is projected for future years. Further, more than 91 percent of all of those awards were made to small businesses.

Multiple Bids, Multiple Opportunities

In a reverse auction the buyer creates a live auction that solicits sellers for products or services. Sellers can then place a bid or multiple-bids to deliver those products or perform the services. Here are some key features:
  • Sellers can bid on multiple auctions at once and place multiple bids before an auction closes.
  • Sellers can view real-time pricing as their competitors' bids are displayed. No business proprietary information is released to competitors. Only the bid price alongside generic names are displayed for bidders to view (i.e., Bidder #1 Price $100,000, Bidder #2 Price $125,000).

Register for GSA RA platform and Take a Test Drive

To gain access to the multiple opportunities in the GSA RA platform Register Here. Your firm will receive new auction notifications based on the NAICS codes selected at the time of registration. GSA encourages buyers and sellers to learn more about the GSA RA platform by taking a test drive at the Test Drive Demo.
If you are interested in learning more about GSA's Reverse Auctions, or attending industry events focused on reverse auctions, please complete the form at this link http://goo.gl/forms/AOozhwH8CG or contact the GSA Reverse Auction team at reverseauctions@gsa.gov.