Bona Fide Needs, Funding, Severability...Putting It All Together Workshop
This is a great opportunity for experienced government and industry contracts professionals interested in learning valuable concepts, resources and tangible tools to assist in critically thinking through day-to-day issues during live classroom exercises with the assistance of trained experts. Workshop presented by Dr. Michael P. Jennings, PhD, CFCM, CCCM, CPCM, Fellow.
Putting It All Together Workshop
Monday, August 19, 2013
1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
QinetiQ, Building 1, Redstone Conference Room, 890 Explorer Boulevard, Huntsville, AL 35806
2 for 1 special, 2 for $350/non-member or 2 for $300/member which includes light snacks, beverages, reference tools / desk guides, and exercise materials.
Based on feedback received from the membership regarding constricted training dollars and the timeliness and relevance of this interactive workshop's topic, we analyzed our budget plan to see how we could expand upon our efficiencies. We were successful thanks to the diligence of our volunteers and supporters. Therefore, we are able to offer you this 2 for 1 special. Please take advantage given these contingent and uncertain times.
Registration deadline is close of business Wednesday, August 14th.
Please remember, if you make a reservation and DO NOT cancel at least 24 hours before the workshop - you will be billed as if you had attended. Substitutions are welcomed and encouraged if you are unable to make the event.
Come prepared to work through potential "contracting fire-drills" by applying the tools/resources as well as the laws/regulations covered in this hands-on workshop!

As a seasoned contracts professional you are now well versed in the "Color of Money" saga. Procurement, RDT&E, O&M...One Year, Multi-Year, No-Year...Active, Expired, Cancelled. You can likely quote it in your sleep, and, one more PowerPoint presentation on the topic would guarantee to put you to sleep. This work shop is not one of those.

But what about: Purpose, time, amount...Bonafide need, Anti-Deficiency, With-in Scope Determinations...Oh, your good there too?

FAR, DFARS, Agency Supplements...Contract type, period of performance, ordering...Still good?

OK, what about: CLIN structures, ACRNs, Lines of Accounting....You got it?

How about: Obligations, Deobligations, Funding Realignments? Wow, your seriously good at this.

Severability vs. Non-Severability? You win.

Invoicing, charge codes? Are you a "govie" with prior industry experience?

Putting it all together? You want to teach the class, seriously?

This hands-on workshop is all about--putting it all together. Color of Money is but one (albeit incredibly important) piece of the puzzle. A true professional must consider all of the above with every contract action. Not only must Government and contractors learn to speak the same language, we must have mastery of the subject matter and tools at our disposal to quickly and correctly comprehend appropriation laws and fiscal year considerations. As a result of taking this course, you will leave with incredibly valuable concepts, resources and tangible tools to assist you with critically thinking through day-to-day issues during live classroom exercises with the assistance of trained experts. You will go from "putting out fires" to fire-proofing your organization. But more importantly, what you learn in this class could keep you from losing millions of dollars, or even more importantly, keep you out of jail. This class is that important. It only takes ONE mistake!

The objective of this workshop is to assimilate knowledge across various disciplines. The basic concept is to apply what you already know (or think you know) and understand how one area affects/interacts with another. Here is but one example:

"Your customer has Operation and Maintenance funds she would like to use for a severable task that will run into Option Period 1 (that has not yet been exercised)." Is this compliant or non-compliant?"

There is a lot to think about in this seemingly simple example, and a few additional questions that should be asked (contract type, PoP, Fiscal Year considerations, incremental vs full funding, etc.) Once all the variables are discussed, the class conducts an exercise to a) plot the example on a tool created specifically for this training; b) cite the proper authority; c) summarize the basis for their opinion; and d) write a statement regarding funding limitations. Further, the students are challenged to think like business advisors by presenting/advocating options that could be utilized to meet the need in a compliant manner, as opposed to simply saying "No." The above example is a mid-level difficulty type example that builds from simpler cases and leads to highly complex ones that compare and contrast various perspectives.
If you have any questions, please contact Lisa Salvador.

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