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The NCMA Huntsville Chapter now has a CafePress website! The website is open to the public to purchase souvenirs representing our chapter. The website offers a wide variety of swag from golf balls to t-shirts to coffee mugs, all proudly displaying our NCMA Huntsville Chapter logo. Click here and check out our CafePress website to see all of our awesome gifts and show your support.

Chapter News
Your NCMA Huntsville Chapter was presented The Gold Graalman Award at an award ceremony at the NCMA Spring Chapter Leadership Summit last week in San Diego, CA. The Graalman Award recognizes chapters that provide the best value to members, taking into account the demographics and unique aspects of the chapter. The Graalman Award serves as recognition for chapter excellence and the demonstration of effective chapter operations.

March Luncheon

The March luncheon with Mr. Steve Sizemore was a huge success. Thank you to everyone that attended, and we look forward to seeing everyone at the next luncheon!

Welcome to our newest Sponsor!

Federal Publications Seminars is a leading provider of training for government contract professionals. With 50 years experience, we offer high-quality classroom, online, and in-house courses.

Sponsorship Update

National Technical Systems, Inc. ("NTS"), has acquired the testing business of Wyle Laboratories, Inc. ("Wyle Labs"). In turn, our Sponsorship page has been updated. Be sure to visit http://www.nts.com/ to learn more about NTS!

Supporting Partners

NCMA Huntsville is pleased to announce the launch of our Sponsors / Supporting Partners website. If you are interested in learning the many benefits that come with supporting our organization, please visit the site and/or contact our sponsorship POC, Michael Jennings at 248-802-9148 or yanomamoman@aol.com.

Did You Recently Change Employers?

The Huntsville Chapter utilizes the National organizationís database for all email distribution. If you are not receiving emails from us and you believe your membership is active, please login to NCMA Headquarters' Website and update your information or contact NCMA Member Services at memberservices@ncmahq.org or call 1-800-344-8096.

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